Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Brad Miller traded

The Brad Miller to Boston rumor has just been shot down. Miller was just traded to Chicago in a multi-player deal that also included Drew Gooden and John Salmons. Doc Rivers was quoted by's Celtics blog (see the link in the sidebar to the left)as saying that he didn't expect anything to go down before tomorrow's deadline. The other story that has been floating around the 'net is that Ainge is after Raja Bell. Bell is a solid (and aggressive) defender, decent shooter and has playoff experience. I personally have not heard anything about Starbury coming to Beantown. Too bad, as he would be a heck of a 6th man....


  1. that was definitely a good trade for chicago. not so much for sac-town, casue their season is already over, it has been over since november.

    with the eastern conference having only three title contenders, the bulls have a shot at making the playoffs. i said on my blog last week that chicago needed a better post player in order to improve, and they did that by getting brad miller. he is not as good as he used to be, but i think he has still got a little gas left in the tank. the bulls can finally score on something other than a jumpshot. John Salmons is a very good player, probably one of the most underrated in the league, but that is just because it is hard to get noticed when your team sucks. It will be interesting to see how the minutes will be split up between he, deng, and gordon. i wouldn't be surprised if Deng left soon. maybe this can finnaly give the bulls the balance they need, with rose rinning the point, gordon and salmons (and deng?) manning the wing, and miller down low.

    you know what I just realized. this comment was long as hell, i should have just made this into a blog entry. nice site by the way, ill be checkin it every time i'm online.

  2. That's problem. Thanks-I'll be peeping your's as well...