Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Droppin' like...

Alot of big injuries in the NBA this past few weeks. Now I hear Andrew Bogut of the Bucks is out for a while with a "back" injury. So we've got our own Brian Scalabrine who went down with a couple of concussions, KG's flu, Jameer Nelson out with a serious shoulder problem, Chauncy hurt his ankle night before, Chris Paul with some type of groin issue, Michael Redd (again) out for the season....Jeez...Well thank God our Celts have been mostly healthy for the 1st half of the year. So I broke down and bought a ticket for tomorrow's much anticipated showdown w/Kobe and the Fakers. My sister, who usually goes with me, cannot make it. I have to admit I spent a nice chunk of change for a good, courtside ticket, but why spend a bunch of money for a crappy seat? The way I see it, if I'm going to go and spend some good money on a seat, I might as well really enjoy and get the best seat possible. Hell, it's only a tax refund right..? Tip-off is at 8pm on TNT. Hopefully I'll some good pics and video to post tomorrow night. Goodnite Celtics fans....


  1. Yall are getting lit up tonite. Have fun at the game.

  2. Thanks B-should be a good game..not for Lakers' fans though....Enjoy!