Monday, February 9, 2009


Celts off until Wednesday when they play the Hornets in Nawlins. Speaking of the Hornets, David West was suspended for 1 game by the league today. He clobbered Mike Miller of the Wolves last night with a tomahawk chop like clubbing. Let's hope Mr. West has all this out of his system by Wednesday night. If not, I'm sure Kg and Perk will help him calm down a bit. Goodnite Celtics fans...


  1. the hornets play like shit when west and paul don't play (did you see last night, they lost to the grizzlies, and only scored 80 points.) hopefully west can take control of this team until paul comes back, if not, the hornets are screwed. but i actually want the hornets to start losing, because they are tied with my favorite team (blazers) for 4th in the west, and the more they lose, the more cushion the blazers get.
    -by the way, celtics will dominate the hornets tommorow. GO CELTS!!!

  2. celts gonna dominate tommorrow, GO CELTS!!!!

  3. I'm with ya! Your fave team, Blazers and mine don't meet head to head again, so we can be cool. Unless they meet in Finals of course...