Thursday, April 16, 2009

Black cloud..

Whew..what a day. On my way into work I find out KG is out for the playoffs.(not a big surprise)Then on my way out of work, I find out the Commander-In-Chief, (no not him) Danny Ainge, has a mild heart attack. Just a bummer of a day. As I mentioned, I knew that we weren't getting the whole story about KG's injury. Whenever the day he was going to "come back" would get close, Doc would make some announcement postponing it again. Oh well, we still have a damn good team. I think beating Cleveland w/out Ticket will be extremely tough, but I will not give up on these guys. They have battled adversity all year long and come out on top. I am very excited about Game 1 on Saturday. My sister has been nice enough to invite me. I hope to have some good pics/clips to post. Here are a few more pics my friend Corey took when we were at last night's Fan Appreciation night. Look closely and you'll see "Dancing Daylon"-the jumbotron phenom. Goodnite Celt's fans, and get well D.A...

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