Sunday, April 12, 2009

Did anyone get the license plate..?

Cavs ran over the Celtics today 107-76. I was expecting to see the Celtics final turnover tally above 20, but it was only 10. This was simply a case of the Cavs coming out fired-up and the Celtics barely awake. The C's seemed lazy, bored and just flat-out not into this one. Paul Pierce led the C's with 14 and Lebron James led the Cavs (and all scorers) with 29. Honestly, I was flipping back & forth between the Celts and Sox once this one got out of hand-which was in the 1st quarter. Next up, the C's face the Sixers on Tuesday night. Tip-off is @8pm due to it being a TNT game. Hopefully we will get some more news on both KG and Leon Powe after Monday and Tuesday's practice(s). Goodnite Celtics fans....


  1. Disappointing loss, but we didn't have a whole lot to play for. Totally different game when KG walks onto the floor - we will see if they are clowning like that again...

  2. My thoughts exactly thoughts exactly.