Monday, April 20, 2009

Jesus Saves..

An epic battle tonight at the Garden. Ray Allen and Ben Gordon, two UConn alums, went head-to-head tonight. Ray Allen and the Celtics won in the end, with Allen hitting a clutch 3 with about 2 seconds left in regulation. Allen finished with 30 points, Gordon with 42. This game was another see-saw battle with the lead changing hands constantly and things getting chippier and chippier. The Celts started the game with alot of energy and Rajon Rondo was on the attack early on. Rondo finished with an incredible stat line: 19 pts, 16 assists, 2 boards & 5 steals. A triple- double. Big Baby had another solid game, hitting alot of jumpers-he rang up 26 and Kendrick Perkins was all over the offensive glass with 7 offensive boards and 12 rebounds total to go along w/his 16 points. The C's outrebounded the Bulls tonight 50 to 36. This game will be remembered though for the gunslinging of Ben Gordon and Ray Allen. The series now moves to ChiTown for the next 2 games. Game 3 will be Thursday night, with an 8pm tip-off. This could be a 6 or 7 game series if these 2 teams keep going like this. If neither team finds an edge or a weakness in the other, it could be another year of the C's going to 7 games in the 1st round. Goodnite Celts fans....MAN I wish I would've gone tonight....!


  1. Are the Bulls going to have a different guy go for 40 every game? This was a great game but I don't know If I can take too many more of these.

  2. Amazing turnaround. That last period was some pure basketball.

  3. I have to agree with The Count-our defense is supposed to be our strong point and we have given up 100 or so points both games. Have to tighten it up, especially in these 2 road games...