Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good old fashioned ass-whooping..

The Celtics looked like the defense-minded 2007-2008 NBA Champions tonight. Paul Pierce broke out of any "funk" he may have been in and dropped 24 points to lead all scorers, but the defensive effort really made the difference tonight. The Celtics caused havoc by constantly pressuring the Bulls and getting many steals, tips and causing turnover after turnover. You know the Celtics are being aggressive when Rajon Rondo is called for a flagrant foul on Joakim Noah! The final was 107-86 Green. The Celtics also had an impressive 16 steals tonight and Brian Scalabrine returned to action-he played about 6 minutes, and hit the one shot he took...a 3-pointer. Game 4 takes place in Chicago this Sunday. Tip-off is at 1pm. Good to the see the champs looking like a tight unit again. Goodnite Celtics fans...


  1. These are the kind of games I like. Not cuss word one. And really after the first 5 minutes was there any doubt?

  2. A fluke is wouldn't happen again... Bulls in 6/7 :)

  3. Who said fluke...? C's in 6 baby.