Saturday, April 11, 2009

Celtics beat the Heat..

Behind the offense of Paul Pierce and Glen Davis and the defense of Perk and others, the Celtics beat the Miami Heat 105-98 tonight at the Garden. DWade, of course, led Miami with 31 points. Big Baby continued to step up in the absence of KG, scoring 22 points and pulling down 8 boards. P-Double led the Green with 28, and was 4 of 4 from the charity-stripe including some big free-throws in the 4th quarter. Kendrick Perkins admittedly struggled, telling me "Man, I started off 1 of 9 from the field..", but had 3 blocked shots, one of them a huge rejection on Jermaine O'Neal late in the game that go the crowd and the bench fired up. Next up, the Cavs in Cleveland on Sunday, Cleveland has lost only once this year at the "Q". Tip-off is at 3:30pm on Sunday. Here is a clip I filmed from my seat of Doc drawing up a play during a timeout in the 2nd half. Goodnite Celtics fans all over the world......


  1. Wow, this certainly is an impressive blog! Awesome effort. Loved that block from Perk, he truly is a beast.

    I am of the opinion that - full fit - we are a better side than we were last year, the question is; just how much better is LeBron now that he has a supporting cast?

    Go C's!

  2. Thx Hunter! I think Mo Williams makes the Cavs much better than last year, but I still do not think they can beat us in a 7 game series. One thing I do know, it will be fun to watch...

  3. Thanks again for the ticket and great seat. It was a great game to watch too (Still can't believe J.O. gave away his shoes!).

    Tomorrow is going to be a really good game. I don't think it will have full playoff effect since the C's are still missing a few key players...but it will be close to it. I think Cleveland wants to send a message to the Celtics that they truly are number 1 in the East and will come out with that playoff intensity. If Boston beats them, I think Cleveland's really going to be looking over their shoulders the entire playoffs for Boston.

    I have to admit, I have the playoff jitters for this game and will be going through my playoff routine of getting pumped by watching 300 or Gladiator prior to tip off. Lil Corey is ready too....he was yelling "Get some Perk" in Toys R Us!!

  4. Ha ha! You GO Lil' Corey! Yeah this game has gotten ugly fast, but the C's are battling back. Next time I see you will probably be playoff time and I'll be ready! Let's hope C's can come back today..